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'Deport Piers Morgan' petition: Pro-gun advocates demand CNN host out of US

24.12.2012 15:51

British CNN host Piers Morgan has reacted defiantly against a US petition calling for him to be deported from the US for his views that America should change its gun control laws.

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Tehachapi Gal 02.09.2014 22:24

I have no problem with Mr. Morgan's personal opinion. If man wants to eliminate guns, start with collecting the arms from the military around the world, law enforcement and close down every single arms manufacturing company in the world. Next? Open free mental health clinics open to all and regulate to the fullest extent psychotropic meds.


R 04.01.2014 03:22

Criminals who want to create mass murder will do so in any way that they can. How about guns get banned, and then the crazies decide to walk into a school with balloons filled with gasoline, throwing them onto students, I know a horrible thought it is, but crazies will do these things, or maybe run over many people at a parade.
At this point what do we do ban the sale of gasoline and ban parades, my Uncle who was a police officer once said to me, "a speeding car is way more dangerous than any bullet"!

Lets ban cars and gasoline and parades, and ban groups of people of more than three to prevent this!
lets ban life

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 00:08

Also faces criminal charges relating to that. no wonder they don't want him. Send him away.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 00:07

Piers Morgan came to the US because he was caught making up false news stories.

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