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AP Twitter account hacked, 'explosions at White House' tweet crashes DOW

23.04.2013 17:10

A hacker compromised the main Twitter account for the Associated Press on Tuesday, creating momentary chaos across the world by inaccurately posting that US President Barack Obama was injured by an explosion in the White House.

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Anonymous user 24.04.2013 08:25

You'll know it's true when it says Obama and Bibi were injured in the White House sauna.

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 08:06

Syrian Electronic Army are 1337!

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 04:32

Pres Johnson asked a Reporter to do a story claiming that an rival engaged in S3X acts with animals

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 03:10

NYC is a Vamp. It sucks in money from unsuspecting poor and ignorant frm around the world.

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 03:08

US govt. has no scruples. Now they will extend abuse in internet sphere. Slander is not enough.

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 03:05

This shows how easy it is to crash the DOW. Lol!

Gnome sayin'?


Scottie Spencer 24.04.2013 03:00

Get real. It wasn't the Syrian Electronic Army. The CIA/GOV is using the event to spread fear and animosity towards Iran/Syria. Iran is one of three countries left wthout a Rothschild's controlled central banking system.

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 02:52

Oppressed peoples have no personal empowerment as they have been taught to depend on those in power

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 02:51

yep those arranged marriages, these ppl are terrified of their own shadows, can only blame others

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 02:50

2:45 arabs marry 1st cousins for 1000 years, this accounts for their low IQ and violent natures.

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