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Hackers-for-hire: Chinese group accused of economic espionage against US companies

19.09.2013 17:31

Computer security experts at Symantec say they’ve identified an elite group of Chinese hackers who have targeted the systems of Google, Adobe and other big name United States-based companies.

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Tim 05.10.2013 17:01

I'd like to know why they jumped to the conclusion that it was state sponsored ... perhaps because they're as advanced as the state sponsored hacking every other major country is doing?

If they are for general hire, this announcement is a fantastic advert for them! Well done morons ...


Anton Martin 22.09.2013 13:17

Just unbelievable, whats the need for china to spy the us? A rich guy from china just need a old fax machine and ask the ceo of aeropace to send him ( the owner of the co.) the latest products development


Nino Roso 20.09.2013 19:07

CEREAL: Snoop onto them...
NIKON: they snoop onto us.


Jews were the NAZIS 20.09.2013 05:51

Mossad and the CIA pretending to be chinese hackers again


漢陰陽 19.09.2013 21:43

"the hackers attempted to breach Gmail and read communications between human rights activists."

Attacking human rights activists instead of military or industrial targets? that makes no sense at all. Something is inherently wrong with this article

Aur ora, may have been staged by Israel.

Cor porate espionage is common, but to place China responsible for the majority of espionage, when the NSA is decades more competant in cryptography is ridiculous.

if you read the report at the bottom of the article, nowhere does it state that China is responsible.


Alex Semiletow 19.09.2013 18:57

"Johnny, give an example of something illegal?" ask the teacher. "It is illegal for José to steal my homework!" says Johnny. "Excellent example!" says the teacher. "Now give me an example of what is legal." "It is legal for Johnny to steal José's homework, beat him bloody, take his lunch money, and kill his new puppy for stealing Johnny's homework!"

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