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Former NSA director: Fair to say US militarized the internet

17.09.2013 03:11

Gmail is the preferred online-email service of “terrorists” and the US “could be fairly charged with the militarization of the World Wide Web,” former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden said Sunday.

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Jim Babcock 26.09.2013 01:28

#Beau Jest. Um... Berners-Lee invented the WWW or the World Wide Web...
& USA's DARPA (Dept of Defense) invented the Internet...
Jim b


Alain Elsen 18.09.2013 22:36

The internet was started up originally as a military net for transferring military data.So they say....remembering that from some kind of tv series.; )


Robert MacKay 17.09.2013 19:47

Way to go Hayden, make every single American technology person a spying suspect worldwide. I have already felt the sting of companies using foreign services instead of mine because they do not trust the USA


SSD7 17.09.2013 18:43

When Snowden revealed all G-8 nations were spied upon, Russia announced it is developing its own wireless tech equipment, using its own satellites, and using servers located in Russia. In the future, many people and nations could switch to Russia wireless equipment because of USA spying. USA wireless tech companies could potentially lose significant amount of worldwide customers. If that happens, the USA will be impacted economically, and will be left to spy only on itself.


j.innes 17.09.2013 15:14

Actually the Internet was created because of the International brain drain where the smartest people went to the US and fermented the new wave of technical innovation.

"The problem I have with the internet is that it's anonymous,” Here is the psychosis, the need to know, to control, when often to not know, to be free to think, to create space without inhibition is needed. Haydon is actually afraid that the people will model these guys and see that they are little men, and that the world could collectively model a better dream. To the little men that thought is scary, and with them in charge it is.


Beau Jeste 17.09.2013 14:38

US invented the internet did it???

More US propoganda... ever heard of Tim Berners Lee?


Richie 17.09.2013 09:36

America speak about the WWW/Internet as if they own it. They need to realise it is an international service & they do not have the right. The stories emerging from the US are very concerning & the American citizens need to wake up, before it is too late.


Tino Bambino 17.09.2013 04:53

Yeah the internet "was" a military tool back in the day, and was created for military purposes. This is the year 2013 and all types of people around the world use the internet for everyday use. I feel that no one should have control of it since it is considered a public domain.


Eduardo Casas 17.09.2013 04:09

You are right, Jamal! I've been saying this since my days as a DOD contractor in the 1980's whilst working with their computer systems for over 8 years. The World Wide Web is a military tool, has been and always will be. Also, the wireless systems. We had the WWW and other systems all in place used them during our exercises in Europe in the 1980's.


Jamal A Tullock 17.09.2013 03:40

The internet has always only ever been military. It might be a misnomer to say it is militarized because the NSA militarized it.
The internet was known to be a military toy at its advent.
The shocker is that we're thinking something new has become of it. What is being done with the internet is what was supposed to have been done from the get-go.
I'm starting to see why our military folk boast of such things as "The American Public has Forgotten About Iraq." The various strategies which make people not see what they see and forget what they know seem to work...through the internet.

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