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‘New urgency’ to stop NSA-spying after latest Snowden leak, congressman says

09.09.2013 16:19

Amid reports that the United States and Britain can crack the encryption methods used to secure most Internet traffic and online conversations, one America lawmaker is reminding the world that he’s already attempting to make such conduct a crime.

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g br 12.09.2013 03:10

holt is the only congressman in NJ that im currently proud of being in this state. the rest are worthless and wont get my vote in 2014.


David 11.09.2013 00:24

Is this a surprise to anyone? They always did have the capability to open your front door and look inside your house? Of course they did! Encryption is based on known prime numbers, modular arithmetic and the ability of programs to make their own keys. Not rocket science, just lots of gentle tedium for those who get paid to figure out that boring stuff.


Roberta Bebko 10.09.2013 10:30

Rush Holt has my vote. I believe in the United States Constitution and any government representative who does not respect it needs to go.


texxx770 10.09.2013 00:43

I'm not sure I want to be governed "secret courts", the spook faction of our government is geting to be too big for it's britches. It needs to be taken down a couple of pegs, secrecy has no place in "the land of the free".


KingLizard 09.09.2013 22:26

There are still people in the US with ethics but they are being outnumbered financially and organisationally because of the bi-partisan poltical system that is heavily infected by lobbyism of which eg. ex political representatives benefit. The trias politica, by french enlighted thinker Montesquieu was never intended to handle this, it was to make and end to European feudalism, but feudalists and neo-feudalists and to some extent the Catholic Church have teamed up, each playing their role in a Roman 'Divida et Impera' and 'Panem et circenses'. History always repeats unfortunately their are nuclear weapons


Gustavo Romero 09.09.2013 20:55

This bill is good if pass, but remember that the technology exist and with software there is a lot of room to spy. Today most people pay their phone with their credit card, so now any intelligence Unit knows what you consume. Today a phone should be expected to be on all the time, a software can turn you mic on, gps on, camera on, without you knowing, now they hear what you talk with a friend, see you, know where you are, you have no privacy at all, unless you pay cash, meet in person and turn of you phone. Watch out, if you turn off your phone, you might get in trouble!!!

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