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Florida SWAT shoots homeless man in the face

02.11.2011 20:16

Dennis Gaydos, a homeless man from Palm Springs, was making his home outside of a church in the sunny Florida community without incident until a police intervention changed his life.

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John K 10.09.2013 01:20

I always find it weird that people with guns so often "fear" others, most especially unarmed people. Gosh if I had a gun I'd feel pretty invincible and almost godlike around unarmed people. If I felt like imposing my wrath it would be easy enough to construe a bike, comb, fork or even cell phone as a deadly weapon. Not to mention if someone is taller, heavier, younger, stronger, angry, drunk or just with a cold dead look in their eyes.

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 03:00

The police who shot him, should have the same happen to THEM :)

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 00:37

No knife was ever found.That all we need to know

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 00:35

I should have said shot an horribly disfigured just for being homeless.

Anonymous user 31.05.2013 00:32

Shot for being homeless.

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