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US House unanimously votes to retroactively pay 800,000 furloughed workers

05.10.2013 15:08

The Republican-led US House of Representatives unanimously voted to approve a bill which will see 800,000 workers furloughed during the ongoing partial government shutdown paid once the crisis ends.

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Colin Shorey 08.10.2013 04:11

"That's another fine mess you have got me into"-Laurel and Hardy the congress heads perhaps.No way is it Mr Obamas fault.


Michael Moon 07.10.2013 19:40

So does this mean the U.S. debt skyrockets even higher than it was originally relegated to be?


Domenic Patrone 07.10.2013 17:56

I'm surprises anyone is working on this issue at all since the government is shut down. I guess the office of propaganda management is still open.


Delete This Comment 07.10.2013 17:31

Obama needs to put his foot down and FORCE these damm Republicans to pass a budget.

Get the tanks out and declare martial law.


Robert Olson 07.10.2013 15:00

Wow where did they get those signs? Pre plan government shut down..


Aristo 07.10.2013 03:29

The site is full of trolls or bots.
Use filters to eliminate them


Anglian Saxonite 07.10.2013 00:20

Did i hear correctly that OBAMA called his country "Exeptional&quo t;

Wasnt that the same wording what HITLER used right before he started WW2


Anglian Saxonite 07.10.2013 00:16

Obama should hand his nobel peace price over to Putin !

Obama is a warmonger and spouts fear to get what he wants, there was no reason at all to close national parks or send people home from jobs, all this at a time when they need it most, the run up to christmas.

Obama is the worst ever U.S president and if he does care then why is he still getting paid while the rest are not !


Helical 06.10.2013 17:53

"Nicki Harris Obama and am sorry I did.
I always thought Republicans and the Tea Party were insane well now I just think they're ALL insane.
My govt makes me sick. Obama is a lying deceitful warmonger just like the rest. Refuses to address any questions regarding Drones. This fearmonger doesn't deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. He sure the heck isn't no MLK or Nelson Mandela.

Have a look at theese lyrics and it will give you even more insight to the mess we are in.

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The money song.
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Marilyn Gjerdrum 06.10.2013 16:34

This is proof the Age of Enlightenment, the era in which it was believed people could rule themselves has been proved false. What happened when Americans were given this right? They went to sleep, and let the government run itself. Now awakening, they confront an Orwellian nightmare from which there is no escape.
Look at how easily Putin took care of the Syrian debacle......he said no, and that they would shoot back. He was one man, and able to speak with the authority of the Russian Government behind him. In the US, it would have been debated into next year......that is why one person does better than group rule.


groingo 06.10.2013 14:06

While the people of the US starve, the Military Industrial Complex (US Government) steals them blind to continue its War Mongering!


Andreas Ursin Hellebust 06.10.2013 14:04

Morgan 06.10.2013 11:29

. It's not a royal,imperial palace! It's not there for ROYALISTS who pillage OUR taxes [...]That's OUR PEOPLE'S CONGRESS!


I am a Norwegian, and I used to be an anti-royalist. Then someone reminded me the old monarchies in Europe is actually the world's most peaceful, modern, innovative and safe countries in the world (Except maybe UK and France with their WMD and war-hissing).

A king or queen gathers support from the whole country, while a president only from their party's followers.

I am now a royalist

&q uot;King of Russia" or "Queen of America" sound kinda cool ;)


Mark Farina 06.10.2013 07:35

If the park rangers will get paid regardless they should return back to work and reopen the national parks and US monuments.


SSD7 06.10.2013 05:44

Is this the government that Obama calls "exceptional?&q uot;


Karen Kirshner 06.10.2013 03:29

The Senators, Congressmen and President (through magnanimous gesture) should not be paid until the shutdown is ended.


Richard Alvord 06.10.2013 01:34

It's terrible to see that so many people have been brainwashed by tea partiers. When citizens & even illegals in the U.S. want military protection, clean water, and other things taken for granted they cry out for federal workers, and here I'm seeing citizens despise them. I guess you'd prefer to higher taxes which would be the result of tea partiers handing over all of the country to big business.


Alan 05.10.2013 23:23

Whether they are furloughed back pay or not makes no difference. Most get paid for doing little or nothing anyway.

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