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House demands Pentagon disclose details about domestic drones

08.03.2013 15:19

The United States House of Representatives is demanding that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel explain to Congress details pertaining to any domestic spying missions conducted by Pentagon-operated surveillance drones.

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mergon 20.03.2014 11:28

How much does it cost to employ a police officer ?
They need radios, cars ,guns ,uniforms ,salary,medical insurance , training, ect ect , they take sickies ,holidays,jget married and need pensions.

N ow let look at mr drone he dont need any of the above ,he will work all day every day for 7 days a week ,if it gets shot down we replace him straight away , he does not need any of the above and its is on a flat rate rate contract and will do the work of 20 officers .
If he kills a bunch of people dont worry there are id marks on it ,it could have come from any where and it it can go as quick as it came no one will know


Michael 01.02.2014 13:07

Congressmen want to know where the drones are all the time so they can avoid the cameras when they're taking bribes.


mergon 06.01.2014 20:53

12g b.r.i, for one , 2/= 1400 WATT microwave a satellite dish and some D.I.Y

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 00:47

Imperial order for domestic drones at their American colony came from Imperial Britain.


Maynard Runkle 14.03.2013 23:44

What will be the consequences of collateral murder?

1. A sympathy letter signed by Brennan sent to the next of kin.

2. An explanation that accidents happen.

3. A promise that they won't do it again.

Anonymous user 13.03.2013 16:15

yet they already spy on us without a warrent and without revealing who they are spying on.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 15:37

He did not say they could not kill us. He said they cannot kill non combatants. Who is combatants?

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 09:23

Doesn't the House know that the US is a Fascist dictatorship? The, HSA...needs to spy.


Richardlover1234 Sievert 10.03.2013 07:12

I will tear them drones right from the sky you little babies with out faith' 'You there are like fish that had water but swam into the mud and gave up to become frogs!
Now you hop around with your stupid air- ships pretending like your birds but your so fat and puffed up you cannot fly!
tic- toc angel clock!

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 22:39

No US citizen "not engaged in combat" in US can be killed by US drone - NWO definition of "combat"?

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 15:18

thought were sopposed to be protected by enemys foreign and domestic..

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 06:18

Space satellites? 99% of the threats against American are perpetuated by its own government

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