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Police claim Snowden leaks threaten ability to use new technologies

21.10.2013 14:19

Police agencies have a plethora of new tools that have only recently become available due to modern technological marvels. According to some officers, though, an increasingly suspicious public is putting all of that at risk.

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Rex Bison 20.12.2013 01:42

“My goodness, I came to IACP 15 years ago and they were selling license plate readers. But you look at the scrutiny that is coming into play with that now-old technology: various states are now restricting the use of law enforcement with license plate readers,” Keenan said.

This is like Hitler saying, "I've been a gassing people for a few years now and no one complained, but now all this pressure to stop killing just because some people are upset about a few million deaths. C'mon, dude--cut a Fuhrer some slack."


Eric Charles Ellison 26.10.2013 17:41

This article is a little off. They already work directly with law enforcement to censor and delete Facebook accounts of people / orgs that haven't even participated in criminal activity.

H ere in my hometown of Austin Texas our police chief had a problem with our local Copwatch group. We had a Facebook that I was an admin on and one day it was entirely wiped from the internet, every comment we ever posted was erased. Later the chief was bragging to some lawyers about how easy it was for him to call them up and have it deleted.

The situation is much worse than what is represented here in this article.


Martin Reilly 25.10.2013 10:50

In Australia (QLD) now they have "traffic monitoring cameras" popping up everywhere. I can not find any information about them after searching.
There is one close to where I live and there is a fixed speed camera 2-3km down the road, so I doubt it's a speed camera or has anything to do with it.

Most likely just a form of data collection so they can see who is driving where and when...


Wayne Lambright 24.10.2013 07:37

That's like the Nazi's saying now you know were killing Jews it makes it harder for us to get away with killing jews. This world were living in is so hypocritical. I feel like screaming.


Nick Ferrari 22.10.2013 20:46

Hmmm, seems to me that we, the PUBLIC must approve these new technologies anyway so we must be made aware of them. "Do you have something to hide?" is a two way street.


Diez Sanchez 22.10.2013 12:39

How are cops armed with so much tech only caging minority people who steal or kill a fraction of what these spying, droning in charge of this tech conmitt? Crime is crime & this tech is after all, suppose to help right? Just read that a select few poached (stole)contracts from other nation & they have yet 2 be investigated ior jailed a single 1 with their well armed swat & eye in the sky tech! That is after all the biggest thievery in history! Fact is,, tech is & has remained the tools the select white masters have used to coral & cage the cattle, while they play Gods selling ya an illusion they r needed!


Paul Goodwin 22.10.2013 05:54

Remember the shuttle challenger disaster. Think they tested each system to 99.6% reliability. But the geniuses who designed that amazing machine failed to realize that need to multiply each system and the theoretical reliability plummeted. Ok let's look at typical bumbling and coverups involved when government gets involved in anything to presented as overtly helping its citizens by covert measure. What is the multiple that is used to proof government employee competency and integrity? I will sleep better knowing my rights and safety will be afforded by such diligent stewards . Thank you Snowden!


Kyle David Fenrick 22.10.2013 02:32

snowden should get the nobel peace prize


Batson D 22.10.2013 01:33

“The consensus of that committee was if we’re not very careful, law enforcement is going to lose the use of technology,” Keenan reiterated - AND THEY BLOODY WELL SHOULD !!!


roberto cunanan 22.10.2013 01:19

thank you edward snowden..


Bob Connole 22.10.2013 00:47

the Snowden leaks might make it harder for them to racially profile people? boo hoo. if they want to cry like babies let them.

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