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China to surpass US economy in 5 years

25.04.2011 20:59

The IMF has announced that China will surpass the US economically in real terms in 2016 – a mere five years from now.

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cirrus108 15.01.2014 03:54

Within Duality, Beggary is Thievery suppressed with Thievery being Beggary expressed. And what a beggarish and thieving lot the self-righteous of duality are, Suspicion being just another word for Guilt, Guilt being Anger suppressed, Anger being The Root of Evil. Reality is when What You Do is Who You Are - that of being An Example, oka Of Selflessness, whereas Selfishness is The One who is Of/Possessed-By The Other, oka The Leader or "Leadership&quo t;. Realise this reality and one will realise what/Who Freedom really means/Is. At least then, being easily mesmerised by Stupidity & Dumbness will become less frequent.


cirrus108 15.01.2014 03:46

Whenever the dual natured imagine that their duality is one of singularity, that singularity then is of malevolence, Malevolence being the word for, "When Benevolence is Absent", oka The Stone Dead. Is it then any wonder that the unconscionables are always on the lookout for Yellards, Swarzens & Islamos stealing their ALL? But then, what has The Others done to Guilt to deserve their Anger? Because they were never "Chosened" or had the nerve to, "Take NO fur zer answer?" Perhaps the propaganda impact of Greater Israelism/Chosenism on Amerikanism/Anglo-Sa xonism/Ffrennnchie-i sm is more than it'll ever meet the eye.


cirrus108 15.01.2014 03:39

For The Stupid-Dumb, perhaps they ought to "discover" why a thief is always on the lookout for other theives - especially the thieves imagined by the Guilty as running amok amongst the good guys, Guilt being the latency of Anger because Guilt is merely Anger suppressed. For the exceptionally Stupid & Dumb like "Amerikans" ;, you know, those whose legacies are not only of Slavery, Genocide and Plunder [euphemised as "Opportunity&qu ot;] but whose legacies of Anger are ongoing in addition to "proactively&qu ot; plotting and planning to remaining so. Forevah, pleeze G_d.

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