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IRS to monitor Facebook, Twitter for tax cheats

08.04.2013 22:38

Is the IRS about to get too close for comfort? New reports brought to light by one privacy and data security expert suggest that this tax filing season the Internal Revenue Service may be monitoring social media for any clues of tax cheats.

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mergon 21.02.2014 10:45

UK IRS do the same i know someone who had a small partime business and they got a visit from revenue

Its a shame that they dont look into the back handers of councillors who pass flood plains off as fit to build houses on ,and sit back and rake in the council taxes !

Anonymous user 30.05.2013 22:37

Kacey Jordan made $4,000 a day for a month. and now $1,000 per john, 5 johns a day.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 17:12

So.. they are paying gov't employees to troll fb? Maybe they ought to look to the ppl offshoring $$.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 16:51

Anyone dumb enough to post incriminating informaiton on FB and gets catch deserves to go to jail.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 03:32

Taxation is theft.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 00:04

Like getting Al Capone to be your lawyer

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 23:43

kind of a good thing i guess, itll catch those who cheat the welfare system..

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 18:27

The IRS is an illegally created institution. It shouldn't even be a thing, and now this?

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 17:53

Well I predict based on my made up algorithm that this should ruin Facebook the net and many cops.

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 17:28

time for a revolution; a very bloody one!

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 17:26

sinister excuse to investigate dissidents, employ & enrich parasites & well placed govt officials

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 08:28

yep all my friends quit facebook too :) everyone now knows it's really dumb to post anything on fb!

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 04:24

So glad I got rid of Facebook well over a year ago and never used twitter a day in my life.

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