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Washington insiders appointed to 'independent' NSA review panel - report

23.08.2013 00:28

The Obama administration will appoint a group of former White House officials and security experts who have spent their careers working in intelligence to oversee the review of National Security Agency surveillance programs, according to a new report.

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Brad Mead 24.08.2013 01:51

Putting the fox in charge of the hen house.


Cliffton Diver 23.08.2013 20:29

So how many millions of dollars will this group of crooked officials milk the American tax payers for?


Frank 23.08.2013 17:44

While Swire appointment is encouraging, he needs to speak out more about Georgia Tech's involvement in drone research and the lucrative govt. grants they receive for their part in robbing USA citizens of their privacy.


MEJanssen 23.08.2013 13:31

If and when this investigation is ever finished, I am sure we will get a thick shiny binder with a pretty, full-color government seal on the front and lots of long words inside. We can shelve it next to the Warren Commission report and the FBI's 911 investigation report. And then it will get forgotten, like all the other useless "reviews" of government scandals.


Sharon Storm 23.08.2013 12:22

sort of like having alex holder investigate the doj for wrong-doing. or having a bankster investigate jfk's assassination?


Carlos 23.08.2013 12:11

You can only judge individuals on their actions and if you judge Obama and the other crooks on capitol hill by theirs you'll find that they're not worth a spit. These cronies are paid up members of the "I'm sold to the highest chequebook club" so they look after their own interest whilst America crumbles around their ears.


Mark Toth 23.08.2013 11:01

Yeah,if this will even happen,espiecially bu the Washington insiders and their useless cronies!


fran7 23.08.2013 07:38

Sounds good on the surface but can Obama be trusted? He promised to close Gitmo but Gitmo is still open for business and he,s still promoting " I have a DRONE " and " Yes we SCAN ". also the mischief war mongering in the middle east and backing of cannibal rebels who are gassing innocent Syrians people.

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