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‘The neo-conservative era is dead’: Ron Paul announces DC think-tank

12.04.2013 19:03

Ron Paul has been retired from Congress for only a few months, but he’s certainly not shying away from politics. The former US representative has already announced his new project: the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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Anonymous user 20.04.2013 06:35

Still one of the greatest statesmen of our time.

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 18:45

Tivoli Village, you are part of the problem. Worshipping one side over another,, both are the problm


Tivoli Village 15.04.2013 13:58

Let his first accomplishment be the indictment, conviction and imprisonment of the entire Bush crime family.
Two weeks ago Stephanopoulos gave the last five minutes of his program to some idiot who had written a book and brought video to show how humble and spiritual George W. Bush is. give me a break!

Bush /Cheney Hague 2014!

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 13:54

Ron should consider broader educational curricula. For example, post-secondary and graduate levels.

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 13:44

He's trying to say he's liberal? Do you even know the difference? He's libertarian, not either

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 09:24

"native american"? Winona LaDuke

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 06:45

I think he is trying to say he's liberal

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 06:38

RP4 Real world peace. 1st Americans need to be on the board too - Native Indians of America.

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 05:54

I like Dr. Paul even better.

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 00:58

I am no libertarian but God bless Ron Paul.

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 23:39

I like Mr. Ron paul.

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 23:00

not until the Temple is rebuilt

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 20:14

I love Ron, but why would he allow Kucinich? The same fool who shouted, "Up with Obama/Biden?"

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 18:54

ok sure there are some lazy people but the average person i believe wants progress we need more educ

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 18:36

[quote]...let's try employee run work spaces[/quote]

And nothing will get done.

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