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Iran recovers secret CIA spy drone

06.12.2011 18:02

Officials in the US are now scrambling over the intel that could fall into the hands of Iran and its allies after a surveillance aircraft originally reported downed over Iran is being revealed as a top-secret stealth drone.

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Anthony Hill 24.09.2013 11:29

I can't see any way an airframe of this design could glide back to ground totally uncontrolled. As you know the B2 bomber and the F117 require banks of computers to simply keep the plane in the air as their inherently unstable. if this airframe went dead stick it would crash and for a spy drone I would think total destruction of the device would be preferred to a safe glide back to earth.


MUMS007 23.09.2013 11:44

I look at it like this:
If anyone here had a neighbor spying on you with a camera over your home, looking into your windows, you would knock it down.
And if it had a memory card inside you would look at it.
There was nothing different about this.
And if it was that valuable , it should not have been put where someone could get it, and use the information gathered on it against you.

I think the US got exactly what it was asking for.

Listen , I hate extremist & terrorist to, but lets get real people,the US government is responsible for the creation of them and their hate for us.


Glenn Holmgren 21.08.2013 05:01

Donny (unregistered) 23.04.2012 00:13

funny how anti american everyone is on here maybe because there's alot of negative media from RT. as an outsider I find it hilarious how brain washed you all are just as bad as the americans and the BBC is no better you all know F all thats the best part.


CNN and BBC have same biasing as RT BBC and CNN give positive bias to Americans and Dews while RT the other side....

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