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Department of Justice starts investigating IRS scandal

14.05.2013 00:10

The United States Justice Department is launching an investigation into the Internal Revenue Service's practices of targeting conservative groups for extra tax scrutiny.

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Anonymous user 05.06.2013 22:24

hahah yea right the department of injustice is a bunch of criminals.

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 01:19

The Department of Justice is investigating the IRS? It's like having the mob investigate the mob.

Anonymous user 15.05.2013 00:34

Hard to believe Congress permits this charade—Obama’s basically investigating himself.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 22:51

so the Eric holder that made the fast and furious scandal happen is the one to investigate this?

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 20:36

The Obama regime’s Eric Holder is going to investigate the Obama regime’s IRS? What a joke!

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 20:30

Point well taken: The Americans intentionally voted in a thug and now they whine.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 20:29

“Every country has the government it deserves” -- Joseph de Maistre, philosopher and diplomat.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 20:04

If that isn't the fox guarding the fox house I don't know what is!

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 19:59

Remember the SEIU and Black Panther voter intimidation? same thing Dictatorships do.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 19:34

In a free and sane county such a revelation would topple the government.

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 19:31

As Eric Holder and his boss Obama are both radical socialists, what did anyone expect?

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