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Disabled vet booted from NJ boardwalk for bringing his service dog

12.08.2013 18:08

A disabled United States Army veteran says he was kicked off of a New Jersey boardwalk and issued a citation because a local police officer didn’t approve of his service dog.

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Joel Wright 28.02.2014 18:34

Police who disrespect veterans like this should be criminally charged and lose their jobs. We should brand them. Make them wear a mark that let's the public know they should be shamed


Simond Andrew 18.08.2013 18:46

Dog is man's the best friend, but Personal Protection Dogs have much more importance than what their name refers to. They can do a lot more works if trained properly by Professional Dog Trainers.


Christine Carrier 15.08.2013 00:17

The cop should be made to spend a day or two in a wheel chair. A little empathy might suit him better.


Tim Daly 14.08.2013 01:03

There are good and bad people in every profession. There are plenty of good people in need of jobs. This cop should lose his job and let someone better have his position.


Lois Kobb 13.08.2013 21:55

Imagine serving 20 years for your country, only to come back and find that the police have taken over. Educating them won't do any good. They prefer being stupid and mean.


Sharon Storm 13.08.2013 13:57

these scumbag cops need a refresher in the ADA and in protecting and serving us instead of the banksters


Ron Johnson 13.08.2013 11:34

This just shameful behavior. I hope the cop loses his job. We don't need people like home to protect and serve.


pittsnoglesdad 13.08.2013 05:08

These beach town hire rent-a-cops for the summer. They can deal with some drunk obnoxious Jersey kids at times . They however, the rent-a-cops, are looking for trouble themselves. Usually 20-somethings with a plastic badge on a power trip.

Is there a lawyer in the house?!?!?!

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