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Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein arrested in Texas

31.10.2012 18:00

Jill Stein, a presidential candidate from the Green Party, has been arrested in Texas while attempting to resupply protesters camping out in trees to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, according to anti-pipeline activists.

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Travis Arnzen 18.10.2013 02:11

Wow, Ben Stoneking. I am thankful that you're not a Green!


Saad Jafri 14.10.2013 22:32

Ben Stoneking -- Jill Stein did more as a doctor to service the public through the private sector in one year than you could hope to do in 2 decades.

So save the 'crazy old lady' terms for your un-empowered, right-wing, idiotic family.

And go buck-hunting with your hillbilly friends.


Ben Stoneking 03.10.2013 21:20

I'm glad that the Green Party is going extinct
We've had enough crazy old ladies trying to increase govt waste under the guise of helping poor people when it's really about lesbos taking control of our govt


gt 03.10.2013 12:15

marijuana use is disgusting ! nasty smell / unhealthy.
Johns on is a big weed proponent !!
perhaps the smoke is the cause of global warming....


Ingvar Persson 03.10.2013 10:59

In practice, US is not a country of free speech for ordinary people. McCarthy Era goes on in hiding, and supported by the massive monitoring system spying on US citizens - in the style of East Germany Stasi.

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