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Oscar Grant’s killer on trial again for police brutality

23.11.2011 19:31

Former San Francisco BART police officer Johannes Mehserle is on trial this week, and if his name and affiliation rings a bell, there is good reason: Mehserle was found guilty of killing Oscar Grant, an unarmed transit rider, during a 2009 incident.

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Anonymous user 28.07.2013 18:25

The militarization of California.

Anonymous user 23.07.2013 08:10

WHY was he allowed to be on duty after the first assault?

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 19:33

His next child will be Grant reincarnated, so he has to love him.

Anonymous user 02.05.2013 05:50

he told victim that will teach you to mess with police Bart security is NOT the Popo Just wanna be

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