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Jury clears police of using excessive force against Occupy Portland protester

10.08.2013 02:49

A jury has cleared the city of Portland, Oregon and two police officers of using excessive force during an Occupy protest in November 2011, when a demonstrator was struck in the throat with a baton and sprayed with pepper spray into her open mouth.

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Wilson Boozer 21.12.2013 22:45

Why is anyone surprised at this? Because so many are terrified of unknown perils, communities have given cops unfettered powers to abuse in the hope that some that are beaten, maimed and killed are indeed guilty of something, and a threat to them.


von lmo 10.08.2013 06:22

New data suggests there is a 8x greater chance of being murdered by police than by terrorists. Why not just rename the police force "Murder Inc".


Alfonso 10.08.2013 05:52

In this USA the law enforcement can do no wrong. A room full of law enforcement can shoot someone in the head 7 times and tell a judge that they fear for their life. Even if the person was unable to walk and must not forget unarmed. The judge will believe all of them. The all cannot be lying. YOU ARE SAFE WITH A MAN/WOMAN WITH A STAR, IF YOU ARE THE 1%!

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