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Kerry ‘rhetorically’ gives Syria 1 week to relinquish chemical weapons

09.09.2013 15:04

Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that Syrian President Bashar Assad has one week to give up his arsenal of chemical weapons or else become the target of a US military strike.

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Bob 22.09.2013 19:39

More bluff, bluster and empty bully tactic rhetoric.


Shahna 21.09.2013 12:07

As his mother failed to teach him manners someone should cut that finger off for him.


Peter Jennings 11.09.2013 21:45

Mr Kerry, next time you visit the UK to spread your lies and rhetoric you will be arrested. Your pushing aggressive war like a drug dealer to the pathetic addicts in parliament.

The UK people no longer believe in their political process as it is broken and useless. The dawning of another day is coming where political and social class will mean nothing.


Alex 11.09.2013 10:29

President V.Putin is a clever man.


Love & Theft 11.09.2013 00:53

Kerry is obviously a lunitic. Just think, this guy could have been President.

Wonder which revolving door in the nest of maggots he and the Obama Administration will slide down a greasy path to?


Daniel Burgess 11.09.2013 00:42

Well done Russia for Showing the U.S.A. & other supporting countries involved who the real & responsible adults are in this situation my only concern is if this works out I do hope you will work with & support america on what you will do If Syria fails to follow through & come to a agreement on what the consequences should be It would certainly alleviate a lot of worrys & concerns if under the right circumstances you would then back the U.S.

Daniel Burgess from the United Kingdom


КЕВИН БОФФ 10.09.2013 22:57

It is you Kerry and your governments global tactics from weapons and coroporate monsanto polution , banking to spying you and your country are worse than Al-Qaeda


Commander 10.09.2013 21:46

Mr. Kerry has a very hard time hiding his psychopathic condition.


paul flood 10.09.2013 21:40

This guy is one evil looking piece of work ,you can tell his agenda is not peace. He's just another politician who gets other people to kill for him so he can still look his wife and children in the eyes instead of some drone victim who gets to look at his wife and child blown to pieces as he dies


Noah Way 10.09.2013 18:09

What's the rush?

Afraid the window of opportunity is closing? Israel and the Saudi's breathing down your neck? Military contractors need a profit boost?

Remember Colin Powell lying to the UN? Some things never change.

Thi s post monitored by the NSA.

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