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Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the internet to end government surveillance (FULL RT INTERVIEW)

25.01.2013 00:10

In an in-depth interview, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom discusses the investigation against his now-defunct file-storage site, his possible extradition to the US, the future of Internet freedoms and his latest project Mega with RT’s Andrew Blake.

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Tom 03.07.2014 22:27

Thank RT for publishing this interview. I am a NZ citizens and this interview has given me a better understanding of what the whole Dotcom saga is about. Lately citizens like myself experience a serious suppression of the right of freedom of expression via the news media. International in particular geopolitical issues are taboo.


Carlos Gomez 15.10.2013 20:52

Again this is an infringement on the private free enterprise basis that was put into place by the founding fathers of the once United States of America ! Once again they throttle the liberty of a citizen which is completely against the law, yet make allowances for the people that make donation's to their personal interest. America the former glory of Freedom, now a corporate machine that guides the very people for the self interest of the Corporate run government. A government of the corporation's, by the corporation's, for the corporation's.


WorkTogether 25.09.2013 18:55

Fighting NWO Dotcom ...

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 06:40

Occupy the Internet !!!!

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 01:15

I can't believe Kim is using an iphone with these fingers...


Jordan Arsonist 10.03.2013 11:42

Tell it like it is, bro <3

Just wish he'd offer some suggestions on how to unite the internet users into a political force

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