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Copyright terror: Man sentenced to 15 years in jail for selling 6 counterfeit discs

13.11.2012 22:19

The Justice Department isn’t exactly winnings its war on intellectual property theft — the attorney general says so himself. Until then, though, that doesn’t mean they are going to start going soft.

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Steve Brain 15.07.2014 14:42

The Clarion Ledger notes that authorities also uncovered a number of weapons, including an assault rifle, from King’s Hazlehurst, MS home, but it was only the six counts of piracy that will put him away until 2027.

Reall y? You expect anyone, anywhere, ever to believe that it was purely the bootlegging that put him away for 13 years and not the fact he had illegal possession of multiple weapons including an automatic assault rifle?
I truly wish I could get my time back from reading this piece of trash article.

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