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Woman set ablaze in Louisiana KKK related attack

23.10.2012 03:56

A 20-year-old African American woman has been set on fire with the letters KKK written on her car. Louisiana authorities are now investigating the possibility of a hate crime.

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Justice 4 #benghazi 29.11.2013 01:20

you might want to update yourself. She admitted to burning herself after police ran the evidence. Another thing is the kkk was started by decidedly left wing democrats (Bedford Forest). As a native of American and a resident of Louisiana you insult ALL of us here in our great state. The reality is that black, white, Irish, Italian, Spanish Christian and Muslim etc get along just fine. We still greet each other on the street and have a good chat whether we know each other or not. We live daily with threats of various natural disasters. There's too much living to do to hate others

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