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Photographers in Los Angeles considered terrorists under official LAPD policy

06.09.2012 20:27

The next time a tourist snaps a picture of the famous Hollywood sign, their photo won’t be the only item added to the annals. The LAPD considers photography a suspicious activity, and trying to take certain shots may add a page to your personal file.

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Noyb 06.09.2013 14:37

The fact is, there is plenty of actual, real terrorism going on every day in LA and across the country. What most don't seem to realize is that the terrorist are in plain site. They wear police uniforms and plain clothing and call themselves government officials. They are terrorizing the public constantly with bullying, assault, arrests, jail time, theft of our legally obtained and used equipment, etc. THESE are the terrorists. We should all "anonymously&qu ot; report each and every one of these bas-tards for what they really are: terrorists!

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