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18-month-old baby yanked from airplane for being on no-fly list

10.05.2012 18:44

The TSA successfully prevented an alleged terrorist from boarding a JetBlue flight out of Florida on Tuesday. Initial reports describe the suspect as having curly brown hair, around 33 inches in height and really into drinking milk from a bottle.

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Lothar Zogg 30.03.2014 10:35

Toddlers are maniacs, I agree! They wake you up whenever you fall a sleep. Insist on you entertaining them. Throw food every where, scream when they do not get their way. And the bomb their diapers all the time. I can understand the "No fly" listing!!


John Mars 30.03.2014 03:30

this is the land of the free ! :) NOT :)


virgis 03.12.2013 13:31

how they can be so stupid?if not a photo of a girl,i wud say-no,its a joke

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