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Maine fails to legalize marijuana

22.11.2013 15:51

An effort to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Maine has failed in the state’s Legislative Council, which vets bills before they can be introduced for consideration.

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Erich 28.12.2013 19:45

"To have a senator that represents a large portion of Portland, where an average of 80 percent of voters supported the initiative, is kind of disheartening,”

I don't think it's that simple. I think when the senator got to his office he likely got a call from some powerful, wealthy people involved with Big Pharma (pills), Defense (Cops) and/or Prison business. I doubt he wanted to go against his people but when other people threaten your position or more, I don't blame him. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" Wizard of Oz


Deven Taylor 10.12.2013 00:34

This is terrible. In canada if you have a medical liscense you have to pay 9-12 bucks a gram. LMAO they think they can compete with the underground selling at $7 per gram lol


James Piper 23.11.2013 01:28

CLOVIS gib me sum of wat ur smokin'. There are a few lots for sale in some counties here you can buy land for under 1000 bucks an acre but may be zoned "recreation&quo t; no building on lot. Dispensories and corporate greed keeps pot illegal here. Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine also kept it out.


Clovis 22.11.2013 17:19

Wow have you been to Maine? You could grow an acre of weed and no-one would know it is so in the boonies. I can see why they wont recrealize it. But on a lighter note I hear they are giving away land with the stipulation it will be used for tourism!

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