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Man with Down syndrome suffocated to death in police custody

18.02.2013 20:54

A Maryland court has ruled that police are responsible for the death of a mentally disabled man. The homicide occurred after the man refused to leave a movie theater, prompting police to pin him down on the ground until he suffocated to death.

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mergon 06.06.2014 10:03

2/ driving a custom pick up truck 1.30 am pulled in by 2 bored officer ,it was raining buckets they checked the paperwork all was ok i asked why did they pull me in [i was with my wife and explained we had just come from my sons place ] well he said there may have been a break in perhaps we can discuss some offence you have committed ,his mate was just about about to lift the tarp when i said have you got a warrant ? i had the glass down 3" they were soaked and i was not getting out he gave me a producer they decided to leave it but followed me for 3 miles .

Need the police no i dont need the police or want them !


mergon 06.06.2014 09:55

I got pulled over one by the rat firm he done the checks and then pushed his head through my window space and shouted wheres your licence to my passenger ,
at that point i got out of the car and said im the one driving and my papers are in order ,he said if you want to get funny i can impound your car ,so took the keys out placed them on the hood and said feel free call the tow truck ,then i said i will make a complaint of inciting a breach of the peace ,
He walked away .
I thought these specimens of law officers had to have a mental profile check ,seems like i was wrong !


mergon 06.06.2014 09:47

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 03:08

There's cops deserve to be in prison!


An d how long have you worked for the police dept ?

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 20:54

Yes, Yes. Everyone hates cops.....until you need one.

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 06:47

Charge the officers with homicide! Disgusting!

Anonymous user 09.03.2013 03:08

There's cops deserve to be in prison!

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