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Manning trial: Judge rules WikiLeaks tweets relevant to ‘aiding the enemy’ charges

28.06.2013 16:56

A military judge overseeing Bradley Manning's court-martial has found WikiLeaks tweets, claiming possession of encrypted video, are relevant evidence to the “aiding the enemy” charges the whistleblower is facing.

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Anonymous user 09.07.2013 16:39

Where's your humanity, this guy did the right thing! Thank you Manning!


sam smith 02.07.2013 20:14

US should have been executing all the US citizen spies all along to send a message like the Rosenburgs! and not a country club prison like the traitor Pollard.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 19:26

Holy Coyote, please be sure these JAGs' strategy comes back around to bite them in the butt. Amen.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 18:36

KGB would have killed him already

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:16

Manning and whistle blowers like him are true Patriots.. I hope the realize that.

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 04:29

Why do the "bad guys" always were sunglasses? Even inside? Do they think we can't see them?

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 04:27

That picture would make a good steroids commercial. Do "goons" look the same the world over?

Anonymous user 01.07.2013 04:26

So as per US Government, "enemy" = US Citizens and the International Press. DC has gone rogue!

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 22:47

So, the government is basically saying the American people are the enemy. The truth is revealed.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 22:13

I see the security is a contracter again. USA use mercenarys in house, just trained in war abroad.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 22:07

What enemy? Terrorists? They are on cia payroll so cant be the enemy.Somethings not right in USA.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 19:16

Flash Gordon - Aiding the enemy??
Judge Amy just realised who the enemy is!
Linda Vogel

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