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No rights, no charge: US extends ex-marine’s Facebook psych-ward term

21.08.2012 13:13

Brandon J. Raub has been ordered to stay in a mental health institution for a month without charge – and contrary to the American constitution, his defense says. His supporters are concerned any American could end up in Raub’s shoes.

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Regula 08.04.2014 15:33

Unfortunately it is that way: any doctor can order a psychiatric evaluation up to 5 weeks - that is how long medicare/medicaid pays. Though it takes a court hearing to force medicate a person, these hearings are mere formalities and the shrink always wins. There needn't be anything wrong with the person - but there maybe was wrong on the other side - like an unwarranted arrest - so it gets covered up with psychiatric problems - to push the fault for the false arrest out on the defendant. That is how the system in the US works. It is standard practice.

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