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Marine detained for Facebook posts moved hundreds of miles away from family

22.08.2012 19:51

The US Marine that was hauled off to a psychiatric ward last week over his Facebook posts has been transferred to a facility hundreds of miles away from his friends and family, all for what his attorneys call exercising his First Amendment right.

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Regula 08.04.2014 15:27

That would be tragic if we, the US people aren't allowed anymore to doubt the official explanation of the twin tower attack: when there are so many contradictions and impossibilities - like a plane shearing through steel structure and the top of the building stays straight and intact although the twin towers had heavy concrete two-way dampers in the top floors to attenuate sway!

Yes it was a demolition, there never was any plane flying into these towers. It just isn't possible for a plane to penetrate a steel building and disappear inside and all that doesn't deform any steel. The video he talks about is on youtube.


tobe 07.04.2014 22:36

I don't know why people are still using FACEBOOK!!! It is nothing but a gov't spying website! How far can stupid run with no legs--freaking idiots Fartbook users are!

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