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Afghan war hero denied Medal of Honor for criticizing commanders?

08.08.2012 21:23

Army Capt. William Swenson ran through a barrage of bullets in Ganjgal, Afghanistan for six hours during a 2009 firefight that left dozens dead and earned him a Medal of Honor nomination. Three years later though, he’s yet to see that award.

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Steve Perreira 15.10.2013 12:07

As usual, no one will be held accountable for "losing" Captain Swenson's Medal of Honor application. In the USA, government officials are almost never held accountable. At least Russia had the gulag, where, interspersed with a multitude of innocent dissidents, were sprinkled a modest population of true crimminals, some of them former government apparachiks. In contrast, I see our prisons are populated with plenty of happy go lucky 'pot smokers' but very few crimminal bankers. How I long for the day to see Jamie Dimond and Ace Greenburg behind bars.


Steve Perreira 15.10.2013 11:59

One might ponder, "What is worse, the old Soviet Bureaucracy or the current U.S. Gov't?" While my friends from Russia have (at least somewhat) escaped the the former, we are still trapped with the latter. Hardly a more sclerotic bureaucracy can be found than the behemoth known as the U.S. Dept. of Defense. While the U.S. military promoted an exaggerated storyline by Corporal Meyers that got him a Medal of Honor "quick like" in the same battle, it somehow lost the file for Captain Swenson, who was clearly the bravest leader who salvaged a respectable retreat.

Anonymous user 11.07.2013 18:04

Before you ask an American to risk his life tell him the rules! Top Brass what a joke! Semper Fi!

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