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Engineer admits he ‘zoned out’ before deadly Metro-North train crash

03.12.2013 16:51

The engineer manning the train involved in a deadly crash Sunday morning in New York City “zoned out” moments before the incident, a person who claims to have spoken with him tells reporters.

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Zeitgeisttt 04.12.2013 09:28

NO excuse for “zoned out,”


ctrl-alt-del-enter 04.12.2013 04:12

The Problem is that Public Transportation Does Not have any kind of Safety Restraints in Case of Rollovers or Head-Ons

At Least the Airlines figured it out Long Ago that Liability Insurance Rates for Injuries goes Down when You Require Seaty Belts

Congr ess will Refuse to Require Seat Belts since No One is Providing those Little Lobbyist Specialty Extras


BlkDeadPool 03.12.2013 20:36

zoneing out is no excuse, hundreds of lives are in your hands. you have one job and your not even really required to do much but stay awak and applie the brakes...i hope he loses his job and the families who lost loves one are given some kind of support...maybe im being harsh, but the way i see it. his excuse is intolerable and inexcusable.


Paul 03.12.2013 18:12

"Zoned out". I'm thinking of all the times that I've done that. Yes, it happens. Wonder what his working hours are like. I recall times that I've been headed home after to many hours on the road. Mind wanders, for God knows how long, I search for a landmark to decide exactly where I am, and I realize I've already crossed a bridge that requires close attention because it's so narrow. Scary stuff - and a train operator is little different than a truck driver.

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