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Microsoft, Facebook release stats to reassure users on NSA surveillance

15.06.2013 04:00

Following whistleblower Edward Snowden’s leaks of National Security Agency documents pointing to mass online surveillance, both Facebook and Microsoft have released details on the number of legal orders made to them by the NSA.

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mergon 25.01.2014 12:20

The clue is in the picture of the girls face , face book supposidly bought a tech company for its face recognition program ,the reality is Facebook is a Jewish company and bought a Jewish tech company that had /has contracts with Mosad ,its not rocket science !
Got pics on there of all of your friends and family and people you know ! got pics of every where you have been ? Well if you or anyone you know or are related to are a person of interest ,they have file on you !

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 22:42

Get away from them all hit m in their pocket bring m to their knees

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 22:38

Don't tuch with a barge pollndhVs

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 12:14

God! Are people dumb! Facebook, twit.,Skype have been CIA assets since day one! Even Google..

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 11:51

Information retention =google your own email
everything you ever done on line is there !

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 03:17

Why no credibility?

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 02:28

These numbers are meaningless. The NSA has access to ALL the data.

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 01:41

Clearly the courts are "in" on this: did you vote for Nixon's national security exemption?

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 01:34

What part of warantless surveillance of everybody:: email, facebook, calls was not understood?

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 00:41

Secret courts are a contradiction in terms. Justice must be seen to be done.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 18:44

Lies...all lies...toss your TV set...FM radio...get a CB radio and learn crypto / FSK tones.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 18:09

The info is correct. The Easter bunny personally confirmed it to me.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 17:50

Reminds of kindlebook called "IT Society The Rise The Height The Fall" Good book, hope world diverts

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 16:46

uh huh, of course they are telling us they believe the public is really so ignorant?

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