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Mike Tyson thinks George Zimmerman should be shot

12.04.2012 21:17

Yet another celebrity has chimed in to condemn accused murderer George Zimmerman, and this time the decree of disgust is being projected by America’s favorite rapist/boxer-turned-pop-culture gadfly, Mike Tyson.

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Estavan Cruz 12.07.2013 06:27

Now that is FUNNY!!!! Mike Tyson thinks.......The guy has never thought before, but now he thinks. Since he wasn't there to witness it, how does he justify his "thinking" that Zimmerman should be shot? I am sure a lot of people thought Mikey should have been shot when he raped that girl too.

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 21:41

What 17 year old would not defend himself? Zimmerman has never said he planned to ARREST Martin. So?

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