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Capitol Punishment: Unarmed mom with health issues gunned down by DC Police

04.10.2013 10:52

When it emerged that the woman shot dead by police on Capitol Hill was a depressed single mother, questions surfaced as to why police fired a stream of bullets at an unarmed driver who had an eighteen month old baby in the back of her car.

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Eric Sanders 09.02.2014 18:50

The Carey Family Files Notice to Sue


Mikki Sage Harper 05.10.2013 16:20

folks they had her car pinned in and she couldn't hurt them why did they have to kill her?


Rod Mason 05.10.2013 16:20

Could have shot the tyres, could have injured the girl (see British police dealing with Lee Rigby's murderers) but no, because Merkins just love shooting people. Big brave cops killing a girl with her baby on the back seat - you must be so proud.


Mikki Sage Harper 05.10.2013 16:18

Sorry folks it's not just black people being gunned down by scared/overzealous cops. In Utah we don't care what color or sex they are, we shoot first and then ask questions later. No longer do they police and protect the people, they protect themselves and to dont care about anyone else...They have become the ultimate gang of thugs...our cops


victor Morgado 05.10.2013 15:50

if she was armed with such a speedy car, why didn't they shoot at the wheels of the car? four shots would had done the job...I guess as they were close enough to see that she was Black, it was green light for hunting..


Keith Ciaccio 05.10.2013 13:36

She was was a 4000 pound Infiniti. If you don't think that can kill and injure, just ask the cop she put in the hospital.


Андрей Желтяк 05.10.2013 11:30

AlizarinRipley 05.10.2013 11:07

Sorry guys, she was putting officers in harms way....


Yeah, that is known as Stockholm Syndrome, when you try to justify criminals by convincing yourself that there was no possibilities for them to act another way.

The truth is that they failed to stop the car, and opened fire when she already left the car (hence, there was no more danger to anyone from her), seeing that she trying to escape being completely demoralized and unarmed.


Nela Šalamon 05.10.2013 11:23

@ AlizarinRipley > How about shooting her tyres or stopping her in another way, not costing her life?


AlizarinRipley 05.10.2013 11:07

Sorry guys, she was putting officers in harms way. They told her to stop a hundred times, she refused and proceeded to drive off wrecklessly toward the Capitol after crashing 2 barricades and a squad car. What do you want Police to do? Let her drive crazily? In a moment of high stress, officers cant presume to know anything about the driver. They don't know if she has a bomb in the trunk. Why is she crashing security barricades around the Capitol with cops everywhere??? Going 80 mph can they see that baby in the passenger seat? Had the Cops known 100% she didnt have a weapon or a baby they wouldnt have fired at her.


gary stewart 05.10.2013 10:04

United States is a Police State.
Americans are too brainwashed to change the status quo.


Geoff King 05.10.2013 10:04

'After the police first opened fire on her, she floored the gas and drove off'. Key word there is 'after'. A bunch of people start shooting at her and she had the nerve to try and get away from them. Obviously she was deranged for not just sitting there calmly while they filled her and her baby full of lead. I am sure any sane person would not have tried to save their own life. What a farce!


irish 05.10.2013 09:43

American cops are murdering thugs.They behave like the brown shirts on the orders from those sick clapping killers in congress...


donriver 05.10.2013 09:12

They were too close to the tires to shoot them out! LMAO!

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