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KKK wreaks havoc in Mississippi

22.07.2011 16:46

Authorities down in Mississippi are suggesting that a pair of recent acts of vandalism might be connected in Copiah County and could signal a resurgence in some good ol’ fashion southern hate crime.

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Paulus Bennetticus III 04.09.2013 09:07

I'd love to join the KKK. They all seem such kind, loving, compassionate people. We know a lot of them are repressed gays (serious), and mummy's boys too. Such intelligent people aswell. ...and so so happy all the time/ People who think they're cowards by wearing their hoods.... please, c'mon. They're not cowards - they're just bloody ugly under there. If Monsanto could feed them with some potatoes that turn them all colourblind, we have have a real laugh at some of their meetings!

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