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Four dead in Missouri murder-suicide shooting

Published time: June 13, 2013 19:48
Edited time: June 13, 2013 20:41
1000 Cherokee St, St Louis, MO (Image from Google Maps)

1000 Cherokee St, St Louis, MO (Image from Google Maps)

At least four people are dead after multiple victims were shot before the gunman took his own life at a business in St. Louis, Missouri Thursday afternoon. Police say the others killed were probably employees at the business.

Local KTVI News reported at around 1:45 pm local time Thursday that shots were fired on the 2700 block of Cherokee Street, just blocks from the Mississippi River.

Around one hour later, KTVI was reporting that two men and two women were shot dead, with emergency personnel treating several other victims on the scene. KTVI’s Jeff Rainford reports that a gun was recovered by police and authorities are not engaged in a manhunt.

The incident occurred inside of Cherokee Place Business Incubator, one block from the Casa Loma Ballroom. Matt Fitzpatrick, a resident of St. Louis, was down the street at the time of the shooting and tweeted, “Really great innovators, companies,and the like off Cherokee street, helping build this city. And then this happens.” 

Police told local media they had not yet identified the three others killed, but suspect they worked at Cherokee Place Business Incubator.

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Anonymous user 17.06.2013 05:22

Nobody will post this. They were all Muslim. First appearance is an honor killing. Then suicide...

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 23:33

'psychopaths were born not created' (?) o you mean, psychopaths were created after they were born

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 05:36

Less heartless capitalism, this is tearing us apart. common good vs individual greed is a no brainer

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