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Monsanto can't explain how GMO wheat survived

04.06.2013 16:09

Monsanto claims it has no idea how its herbicide-resistant strain of wheat made its way onto an Oregon field. The global biotech giant based in Missouri says it abandoned research on it in 2004 and is mystified by its emergence nearly a decade later.

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Anonymous user 10.07.2013 04:32

It's against us law to sue Monsanto. The have now achieved G_d status.

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 22:09

Take out injunctions against GMO seed on our properties and SUE monsanto EVERY time it occurs

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 17:45

They never knew how their waste product got on their property, requiring superfund cleanup.

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 17:30

Hold the creator of this outlawed seed liable for breaking the law. Every farmer should sue Monsnto

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 12:12

those saying there's 2 many people in the world, should put their money where their mouth is and die

Anonymous user 09.06.2013 01:44

Unexplained gm wheat after passage of the Monsanto Protection Act...

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 17:25

Monsanto produced and dumped PCBs for decades - they claimed they didn't know that it was harmful

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 11:02

And the bees keep dying. But that's a Bayer story. Bottomline. Too many people!!

Anonymous user 08.06.2013 02:29

RoundUp ready Wheaties. oh no

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 16:33

Is it possible that the deposition of the GM wheat crop was intentional?

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 10:45

will be intrstng to see how this afects cases agnst small famers whose lost on similar grounds

Anonymous user 07.06.2013 09:43

On the bright side this may lead to herbicide-resistant farmers

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