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US farmers challenging Monsanto patent claims appeal to Supreme Court

06.09.2013 03:31

Public advocacy groups and farmers have joined forces to challenge biotech giant Monsanto’s claims on genetically engineered seed patents, and to halt the company’s aggressive lawsuits against anyone whose fields are contaminated by their GMOs.

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Vicki Mangum 03.10.2013 00:14

Growing a garden is MUCH cheaper than buying the vegetables. Planter boxes and hanging plants work very well.


Vicki Mangum 03.10.2013 00:12

Boycott genetically modified foods by growing your own food. If everyone refuses to buy genetically modified seeds for their gardens and only buy heirloom seeds then we can cut down on some of the cross contamination. Start your vegetables from seeds or buy plants ready to plant that are heirlooms. Planter boxes, hanging tomato and peper plants work well. Change your diet and eliminate processed foods. is a great site to begin with. Don't rely on others for your food. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT


Erlin Madrid 25.09.2013 02:55

Good for the farmers


Maria Byrne 09.09.2013 05:10

Ever thought of suing Monsanto for contaminating the organic fields with chemical crops and for polluting your lands.


Gunar 08.09.2013 04:32

Is this really true?:
1. the fields of the organic farmers are contaminated by neighboring GMO farmers.
2. Monsanto shows up and sue the organic farmers in court for using their patented 'seeds'
3. if true, it is beyond imagination!
4. if true we are waiting for the American people to install order in their country -
5. you are also contaminating your friends in other countries by forcing GMO on to them.


Tara Welsand 07.09.2013 18:22

Omg this is so stupid! Supreme court? So they're asking monsantos personal law group for an appeal? Good luck. I we had real law in this land, the farmers would counter sue for ruined crops. That wont work either.


RYBY 07.09.2013 02:36

The truth is farming organically properly cost's alot more money and consideration.

Monsanto is a result of greed and more greed. It's a way to produce cheaper food for the masses. Moooooooo....

My opinion - I think it's pathetic that they are even allowed to exist, nothing good well come from this in the long run!!!!!


Oroku Saki 07.09.2013 00:50

Monsantos can go lay down by its dish. Everyone with a brain knows to buy from local markets where the food is grown, not hatched. Everyone say no to MONSANTOS. Abbey i love you.


Mike stephens 07.09.2013 00:19

I call this interference in another country Mr Putin .....ironic don't you think. You are OK with gas attacks but your blog hates GM crops.

You know Hitler loved organic food it was so pure ! Look that fact up


Mike stephens 07.09.2013 00:18

try this in Russia? They would slam you in jail. This sued is a joke - it has no validity. Only the lawyers win. The organic industry has to keep anti-Monsanto in the news because that is the only way they make money since their products actually kill people sometimes . They try to scare us with anti_GM food stories but they products kill. The supreme court will not take this case and they will then say its a conspiracy. This website will say this - really Russia is not corrupt ????


Johnski John D 06.09.2013 22:27

So if the wind blows is it possible that seeds can be moved from one farm to another?


Thubten Sangye 06.09.2013 22:18

Should farmers sue MOSANTO for tainting GMO seed into their farm land? Farmers should look at the case from the other side. People who created something from "nothing" is always protected, but the product will always be "subservient&qu ot; to the natural product.
Unless MONSATO can make something from absolute nothing, then original item natural item will always take precedent.


Abinico Warez 06.09.2013 21:23

Trina, go suck a rock. Your spam is not welcome here, and you can be sure you've been added to the 'don't do business with' list.


sandra 06.09.2013 19:15

The more I hear about Monsanto and see documentaries regarding this corrupt corporation, the more I try my best to know what ingredients that I am eating and where it is coming from. Boycott Monsanto!

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