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Monsanto takes home $23mln from small farmers, seeks to maintain 'seed oligarchy'

13.02.2013 17:11

Seed giant Monsanto has won more than $23 million from hundreds of small farmers accused of replanting the company’s genetically engineered seeds. Now, another case is looming – and it could set a landmark precedent for the future of seed ownership.

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Victor Vonzell 15.06.2013 06:39

You whats screwed upp is that only people with big dollars can afford not to eat this cr-p its like something out of a Si-Fi movie we all eat this cr-p that they say won't hurt in the long run then years down the road we find out it's just like Agent Orange and we all remember that and the killing it did and the killing it still is doing. So people raise up and say no to this poison. Get your non GMO seeds while you still can and save them for your kids teach the that this is a plain to make the rich richer and the poor sicker What happens when you get sick from these planets and you have no health insurance U DIE


Victor Vonzell 15.06.2013 06:32

we are killing ourselfs slowly with this poison that farmers now have to use. We have to eat certain types of foods since we are human and poison is not one of them and not man made poison for sure. some of the things that are found in these planets are not made to eat by man nor beast. But yet for the love of money people are willing to sell this posion and state their is nothing wrong with it. If so then lets see if they will feed it to their families for ore then a year. Are the makers of these seeds will to eat nothing but this for a couple years. Are you will to take that chance people of Monsanto ?

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 19:36

He he controls the world food supply controls MANKIND.
Since banking is about fall.

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 15:02

The people who work with, invest in, profit from Monsanto are bad people. They are all bad seed.


Wade William Heames 26.04.2013 09:42

They want to reduce numbers of humans, much easier to manage.

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 15:38

A must watch The Truth about GMO's

http: // kc


David Steele 28.03.2013 01:51

And when transgenic DNA becomes incorporated into the bacterial genomes in the guts of men and animals, what then?

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