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Native American confronts 'anti-illegal immigration' protesters (VIDEO)

05.02.2013 17:31

A Native American man criticized protesters at an Arizona rally against illegal immigration, calling them the real “illegals” for invading his country and killing Native Americans when Europeans first settled on US soil.

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Merrick Crittenden 08.07.2014 20:26

Does he know that Indians took land from each other? Does he know this is now the USA ad we have laws regarding how one comes into this country.


Fabricio Acuña 30.11.2013 08:50

Is awesome look the hiprocrecy of this "americans" ; - I support this royal native , real american!!!


cyn freeman 14.11.2013 16:30

I see a lot of blame in the comments here. A lot of hate. What good does it do? We all belong to the human race, this is our planet. Is promoting hate and division going to get anything done? Is blaming people going to fix the problems we have as a human race? Nope. Is blaming any one country (though the USA is one of the worst, and I live here) going to make changes on a global scale? I've got an idea. How bout everyone stops hating on each other, and blaming on each other, and work together to make this world a better place? Promote love and tolerance instead of hate and division, that will make a big difference.


Shankar Narayanan 13.11.2013 04:41

The American Indian was right.


Nine 25.10.2013 05:35

It's funny how everyone got quiet because of the vulgar truth spoken! Mexicans and Native American Indians are 'the same'. The Northern Cheyenne tribe for example came from South America. Today, the aboriginals from Mexico lost their native languages and now cling to the language of their conqueror-Spain. But the tribes in the U.S. are more true to who they really are. This guy was awesome!!!


Jose Sanchez 06.08.2013 03:48

I am Known as "Sioux". My tribe is Hunkpapa and Sichangu
or Burnt Thighs/Those That Camp Alone... Natives were men alike other men, who fought to simply stay alive. Also
fought against and for Britain,France, and the U.S. Native
saying - The heavens are my father, the earth is my mother, all men are my brothers, and all things are my

Anonymous user 20.07.2013 22:27

lops you are stupid
go back to school
well a school that actually teaches at least

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 01:18

European tribe? How ignorant can you be, what proof.????? Please go back to school.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 18:36

The US is about to collapse, you will all have to learn to live like us "savages". How ironic.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 18:28

The man tells it like it is, and all the racists and wanna be Indians can do is flee. I love it

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