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US Navy admirals under investigation in widening bribery scandal

09.11.2013 03:29

Two Navy admirals have been placed on temporary leave after their access to classified materials was suspended. This comes as part of a growing investigation into allegations that Naval officers illegally accepted bribes from a military contractor.

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Sea_Siren9904 12.11.2013 19:28

OMG its my old XO. Wow they are in a heap of trouble! They aren't in it alone, but I think they will take all the blame and punishment.


Joe Nobody 12.11.2013 09:42

Ha ha! This is proof that so-called "national security" is just another racket. These career officers don't give a squat about the "defense" of the country. Oh wait, I mean the defense of the US Gov't., not the country.


Kevin Hoffman 11.11.2013 15:33

This is sad.


Suzanne Fritsch 11.11.2013 13:43

Of course they are scapegoats for the real culprits.. and oh yeah, did you charge those tix to my account? bill please cause yeah, I know, lil ol me, us taxpayer, paid!


Pavel Tukabaev 11.11.2013 12:42

Pyramid schemes in the tens of billions of dollars, billions of corruption, the bill goes to the executions of dozens of Americans boundless meanness, their ideas, they have no culture of their brainless, all they have purchased - not the country. This is a gang of scoundrels.


david 10.11.2013 17:36

No sir you don't get it . These fine men honor the oath !
And that is why they are being targeted !
An : zeima lovail 09.11.2013 10:56.


Mark 10.11.2013 08:42

It seems they have to alternate between stories of sexual impropriety and corruption when they purge out their top brass, otherwise people will start smelling a rat.


m breisch 09.11.2013 22:36

david 09.11.2013 18:51

Obama's military purge ??


I was wondering the same thing.

There is a whole lot more to this story -- even if they did indeed accept bribes for intel. It seems like they were carrying on in something that was accepted as business as usual (even sending emails calling the guy "Big Brother", when it has been known by intelligent people for some time now that emails are not safe) and then someone (higher up, or a different agency, CIA or NSA maybe) decided that business as usual needed to change.


Dennis Zwolle 09.11.2013 21:41

What Now, Naval officers illegally accepted bribes from a military contractor! So, when US-Military officers are caught with there hand in your cookie jar, it's not "OK"! Only the White House and Congress can eat those cookies! Just more piece of "C R A P", to reduce our military efficiency and put mindless thugs into office to kill innocent Americans!


david 09.11.2013 18:51

Obama's military purge ??


powerandprivilege 09.11.2013 17:42

How many military personnel were involved in corruption during the Iraq/Afghan war. Especially given the opium trade in Afghanistan - the world's largest producer of the drug. [And they consider themselves Islamic].


Tim Gower 09.11.2013 17:11

I served the United States and received a medical discharge after a Distinguished Flying Cross, and Two Purple Hearts, among other achievements....what these traitors have done is just that, treason. They are an embarrassment to the United States and should be humiliated and imprisoned for the rest of their natural life. Greed is one thing, but betrayal is something completely different.

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