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Navy intelligence officers accused of overcharging military in second corruption scandal

14.11.2013 03:50

US government investigators are looking into the actions of three Navy intelligence officials accused of conducting a contracting scheme that charged the Navy nearly $2 million for equipment that may have cost just $8,000 to produce.

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Robby b 16.01.2014 17:39

We as citizens are the government, All the people in government are ripping us off. So we as citizens should re assign seats and jobs in our military & country. There's a few people at the front of office w HUGE ego's. We can only hope honestly somehow finds it's way into our elections. Which...


●☆Cori■ □Nunes★○ 17.11.2013 14:41

I'm not surprised at all by this. So much corruption so little time.


Tessa 16.11.2013 19:41

Well we can't have all these low level and civilian folk ripping off the government, why then there would be less for the government to rip off of the taxpayers.

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