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Third high-ranked Navy official arrested in 'secrets for hookers' bribery scandal

07.11.2013 20:25

A growing bribery scandal has ensnared a third senior Navy official, who is accused of sharing classified information in return for personal favors.

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DarkEyes 23.07.2014 07:00

Is there something in that country functioning without bribes, corruptions and lies?

May this country finally come to peace with itself?
I doubt it.


yuri_nahl 09.03.2014 00:49

This is just another example of why naval types should stick to "cabin boys". (over 18, of course). But even so, it would be prudent if the higher ranking officers were subjected to a "fake-cabin-boy -test" in order to test their moral resolve. Especially susceptible to corruption are the types who try to imitate "Mr. Brady" (a character in the hit T.V. series, "The Brady Bunch".) The show became infamous when it was found out that a cult of perverts (in raincoats) would gather at secret clubhouses and watch videos of the show hoping that "Marsha Brady" would bend over enough to satisfy their demented appetites.


Suq Maddiq 20.12.2013 04:28

Maybe it would be legal if they just called it "campaign donations".


Edrick Patward 08.11.2013 20:25

Nice to see our Military brass can be trusted and are faithful to our country. If for those measly bribes they sold ship movements,I wonder how much they were taking from foreign governments for nuke secrets or weapons development. Would not surprise me if all military branches were in on it along with at least half of congress since the corruption,collusion and bribe taking runs rampant in those hallowed halls of Washington D.C. Sadly enough.


Oscar Alanis 08.11.2013 01:53

Dirty work everywhere. Haha from Wall street to the Navy. Perfect example of money getting to peoples head, well along with pleasure.


Kenneth T. Tellis 07.11.2013 23:27

Well, Well! The U.S. Navy os now in the business of sellin off secret info. Is that only for Hamburgers and Freedpm Fries, or will they give a little extra info if you give them a side order of Poutine?

Is this going to end up as a daytime soap? After all it has all the makings for such a show. What about a name like Martha & Harry, you know the Dutch spy who was executed under her code name of Mata Hari!


Catalyst 07.11.2013 22:23

You mean to tell me the US military is corrupt? Say it ain't so.....


Robert Olson 07.11.2013 21:52

Nothing new.. Science is the same way..

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