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NBC apologizes for making Zimmerman sound racist in edited Trayvon clip

04.04.2012 18:35

The NBC network has apologized after it was revealed that they doctored a 911 call made by George Zimmerman the night he killed Trayvon Martin that some say depicts him as racist. In apologizing, NBC calls the gaffe a production error.

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Lashay Memyselfandi Nash 07.11.2013 11:02

If this was a black man instead of white the black man be under the jail just like Casey Anthony kilted her baby but was found out in the clubs partying instead of mourning her child I'm glad this is turned out to be about racist instead of being about a young man lost his life n halve y'all got so much to say about blacks but try very hard to be like us


Scott Amundsen 22.07.2013 01:04

Maria you're an idiot. I don't care if GZ IS half Latino; in that courtroom they overlooked his tan and focused on his white-sounding name. And if you think that jury would have returned the same verdict had GZ been Black and the dead unarmed child he killed had been white then you're an even bigger idiot.


Alice Ciaccio McCaffrey 21.07.2013 15:20

They can not undo the damage they have done.....It's all very sad...

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