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NDAA unconstitutional: Federal judge bans Obama from indefinitely detaining Americans

07.06.2012 16:15

Sorry, Mr. President. A US Federal judge has clarified a decision made last month with some news sure to upset the Obama administration: the White House cannot use the NDAA to indefinitely detain American citizens.

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Vincent Very 02.10.2013 23:17

"Judge Forrest does include in her ruling, however, that Americans can be indefinitely detained, but only providing that the government can link suspects directly to the September 11 terrorist attacks. "

What sense does that make? Everybody knows that US government at the time was behind 9/11. Watch 'September Clues' on YouTube if you have any doubts. I suppose, Chaney, that abomination George W & co. are the only ones that can be indefinitely detained because they are the ones responsible for 9/11. It all makes sense now.

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 21:32

I meant the US gov officials would be jailed with indefinite detention.

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