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Americans already detained under NDAA?

27.09.2012 22:01

The plaintiffs that are suing US President Barack Obama over his insistence on keeping the National Defense Authorization Act on the books said Thursday that they fear Americans are already being held indefinitely and without trial under the NDAA.

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Bear 25.06.2014 11:25

This is what a rouge government will do to it's very own citizens in order to keep a chain and collar on their necks to control every aspect of their lives.

i.e. Germany under Hitler's rise to power.

Ther e is no difference between the two, America's rouge government and Germany back then.


John 27.08.2013 03:22

In America evil rules

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 00:32

For all the people that have worked at NSA. Why is it very few former low level people exist?

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