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Massive explosion follows North Dakota train derailment, collision (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

30.12.2013 22:30

A large freight train transporting oil derailed near a small town in eastern North Dakota on Monday, causing an explosion that sent flames as high as 100 feet in the air, according to local media reports.

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Gerry Emery 01.01.2014 08:55

BNSF has one of the best safety records in the railroad industry, with some of the most high tech track inspection devices available. As for the assertion that the rail lines are inadequate or even failing is an assumption without any basis in fact; purely conjecture on the part of the commenter above. In order for any business to maintain a safe environment, they need to turn a substantial profit and they do. (No thanks to socialism) Still accidents do happen. That's why they are called "accidents.&quo t; Rails crack in extreme temperature conditions both hot and cold. This causes derailments.


mikhas 01.01.2014 08:51



Darryl Hetherington 01.01.2014 01:00

America's infrastructure is failing rapidly and the rail system is part of this system... We ain't seen nothin yet !


Fausto Melotti 31.12.2013 15:51

Inevitable. They are using the existing trains and railways because they know the expectation of life of the oil obtained by fracking is low. It would not make sense to invest in pipelines, knowing that they will be completed too late. The side effect are accidents: always present in the railway system.


charles halasz 31.12.2013 13:17

But they protest against pipe line.


Ware Adams 31.12.2013 09:48

Perhaps the railroad negligence, greed to run big freights, and the Burlinton Norhtern's lack of excellence at railroading will wake the North Dakota Republicans out of their oil boom lust and realize that in order to have oil profits and safe environment they must act to oversee the lack of competence and greed at Mr. Buffet's "investment&quo t; is degrading their living conditions to dangerous trash. Perhaps they now also dare to examine the side-effects of fracking on their water supplies and environment.


HIPRO 31.12.2013 07:34

Oops... looks like napalm


paradigmrespawn 31.12.2013 05:58

Oil Tar Sands from Canada ?


becquerrelle 31.12.2013 05:53

Just like the Ammo Depot in Samara a Few Months Ago

Not to mention West, Texas

Then there was that Train in Canada

Sens e a Pattern Here?



Stephen Hanger 31.12.2013 03:07

The Official" 27/12" US Government Report; "The Train was hit by another yet another Terrorest Hijacked 767 Jet Airliner with 132 passangers on board. However the Airliner and all Passangers and 7 Crew members were completely Vaborized from the extream heat of the fire leaving no traces what so ever. The 9/11 Commision will be called in to start an Investigation


Paul Gabacho Loco 31.12.2013 02:35

one after the other with these train derailments and ammy taylor bugger off you tramp

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