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San Francisco threatens to sue Nevada for releasing hundreds of psychiatric patients to California

21.08.2013 20:00

The city of San Francisco is threatening Nevada with a class-action lawsuit for allegedly giving 500 poor and homeless psychiatric patients one-way bus tickets to California.

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Svetlana 22.08.2013 20:47

Daniel hudd 21.08.2013 22:24

San Francisco it's OKAY, their Gay!


You mean: "they're", Professor.


Autonomous 22.08.2013 18:59

It is no wonder that other states have adopted the practice of drugging and dumping, since it originated in California where mental patients are routinely dropped off on the streets of the skid row area of Los Angeles.

Now California is in the process of reducing it's state prison population. An exodus of refugees including many hardened career-criminals (in the manner of Fidel Castro's Marial boatlift) is in the works. Former California inmates can expect to receive one-way tickets to the sunny beaches of Miami and gulf shores of Texas.


Phil Horne 22.08.2013 12:03

I am a San Francisco attorney. I represented a man who had lived in North Carolina (NC). His jewelry store failed, he lost his home, and his partner then died as a result of distress. My client had a breakdown in NC. He said, "the next thing I knew I was wandering around San Francisco homeless--terrified and disoriented." Since then, I learned about the practice of drugging and dumping (DND) patients by Florida & Nevada. Is NC also DND? Are the Florida and Nevada medical boards doing anything about this? What about the Calif. Atty Gen.? Finally, San Francisco's demand seems too low. $500k is only $1k each!


John 22.08.2013 05:14

America is America look after your people and quit treating them like there from a different country.byou act like the devil on this earth


William Pollock 22.08.2013 01:21

Everyone in the US knows that Californians have always been known for their elitist attitudes. They seem to know best about politics, social issues and basically everything else in the world. To them, the rest of the nation are just uneducated, backwards neanderthals. They should be grateful that Nevada has decided that these poor people are much better off being left in the care of the State of California as we all know that Californians are the wisest and most socially sensitive people in the country.


Dane Carr 22.08.2013 00:39

this crab cakes, send your refuge to another stat like Texas no one cares about Texas, how man states are doing this, you know cali dos not care for the mentally ill. we were the first state in the union to close our wards and put them on the street. i say we send them all back to Nevada. if their crazy check the paperwork and send them to nevada if their were born in another state. we californians cannot be shown up by those Nevadian. we dont care more!!

keep pasing the buck, its the american way.


Christopher John Walters 21.08.2013 23:51

Nevada sends them to California .. Isn't that the Eugenics capital of the World ?? Carnegie Institution, Rockefeller Foundation, and the Harriman railroad fortune.. Look it up you will be shocked


Alexander Mackenzie 21.08.2013 22:28

If this story is even half correct, the authority's are directly responsibility for any deaths of patients or crimes to or by them. Those that authorized and those that performed this atrocity on the helpless mental patients must be identified, put on a bus and sent to prison!!


Daniel hudd 21.08.2013 22:24

San Francisco it's OKAY, their Gay!


Sick Britain 21.08.2013 22:05

Most of our Nut Cases have migrated from Mental Institutions into Government here in the Big Nut House, UK


Shezhevinyesky 21.08.2013 21:41

Haha, we don't want your effing crazies! xD


Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle 21.08.2013 21:31

Now that's funny! Why aren't you on the same page! Ronald Reagan closed all our metal hospitals and put the on Californians streets! Nevada got the same Idea, but they put them on our streets, Californians, funny get it! While we kick them out of parks and business Nevada took on steep further and kick them out of the STATE!

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