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New York town bans fracking discussions

13.02.2013 16:57

The small New York town of Sanford has enraged environmental groups by prohibiting all discussion of natural gas drilling at town board meetings and is now facing a lawsuit for violating free speech rights.

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marc houghton 30.08.2013 12:33

Fracking is a very bad idea, there are already numerous claims into Fracking chemical spills killing large populations of animals and contaminating drinking water. yet nothing has been done about it, containment how do you contain something that is generically unpredictable,
W hy has the whole world gone crazy thinking they can just take whatever they want from the earth with no-consequences to the environment and no repercussions into the harm it is causing.
I also wouldn’t be surprised if the whole invasion of Syria is a cover for them to push Fracking whilst people are pre-occupied with the Syrian conflict

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 23:44

I Want this fracking supporter above to first live close to a frackin site and then say something

Anonymous user 23.05.2013 23:39

It is sad that emotion based fear is driving this debate. If you don't want to frack then walk.

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 04:18

resistance is crucial...just saying 'NO' w/power and force has an effect on the 1%

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 04:17

resistance is crucial

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 04:14

Freedom from speech

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 04:14

No wonder the govt spied on the Associated Press; they want civil war; running out of NWO options

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 05:17

Election day lol? don't you mean Auction day? You think your "vote" actually counts? its rigged.

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 23:44

Don't forget those whom rule in favor of these acts, on election day. Ruining the earth's wrong.

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 23:38

I think the business ceo's deserve to eat the fruit of their work. Poison food, water, and air.

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 23:35

This is another example of big business running our country. (criminal secrets) is a better term

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